Fierce Foundations

Fierce Foundations is my signature process that helps busy mamas know their value, identify their priorities, build a foundational schedule and teach you how to protect your time and energy more thoughtfully so you can be who you were meant to be and do all the things that matter most. 

Fierce Foundations is your solution to feeling in control of your life and conquering overwhelm. Not only will this process help you create rhythms and routines that help you thrive, it also walks you through how to create a life you love and reminds you of your extraordinary value. 

I offer a limited number of one on one virtual coaching sessions each month to personally walk you through Fierce Foundations or you can join our group program which offers the signature process in a five week online workshop.   

The Fierce Foundations experience includes:

Step One: Understand Your Value
One of the most common themes I see among women who are seeking balance in their lives is that at a conscious or sometimes an unconscious level, they don’t feel worthy of their goals or they can’t see their value. The first step in helping you find the time and balance you desperately seek is reminding you that you are worthy and that you alone are enough. We walk through who you want to be, how to wake up and choose worthiness, and we will create daily affirmations that support your understanding of your worth and value.

Step Two: Identify Your Priorities
I have often been called a ‘priority expert’ because I help you identify what is most important to you. The second step in finding the time and balance you desire is to help you define your priorities. I help you identify your priorities through a customized imagine session, understanding your ideal day, clearly defining what matters most to you and designing a vision that makes you excited to wake up in the morning.

Step Three: Build a Foundation Schedule
Everyone has different feelings about routines and / or schedules. Most people love them or hate them. If you hate them, don’t let this section scare you away. You don’t need to have a strict schedule. You may even have a fear of commitment to schedules, boundaries or even calendars, but you do need to find a few routines that work for you, your family and the season that you are in. I help you bring to the surface your fierce, mama bear protection skills and show you how to create a foundational schedule, how to use my ‘mama bear blocking’ method and how to create a yearly overview of your life so you can maximize your time and enable you to do all the things that matter to you most.

Step Four: Mama Bear Boundaries 
The final step is one of the hardest. In this last step, but probably most important step, I teach you how to say ‘no’, how to say a ‘thoughtful yes’, and how to fiercely protect your foundational schedule and priorities.

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