Why I Meal Plan Weekly

Meal planning can be hard. Like really hard.

Or at least it has been for me in the past. However, I think meal planning is like anything else that you want to succeed at.

To be successful at something I think you have to uncover WHY you want to achieve it.

I believe it is the same for meal planning. You have to discover your WHY if you are going to succeed at making it part of your lifestyle each week.

I have been wanting to make some big lifestyle changes. One of these changes was consuming a a healthy diet and having an active lifestyle to improve our health.

Meal planning for me is about serving my family as well as serving my body. One of the lessons I have learned from my husband fighting cancer is that without our health we can do nothing and there are so many things I want to do!

Don’t you?

Finding a reason that truly inspires you even more than just wanting to look a little better in your bikini and meal planning gets a whole lot easier.


Besides my husband’s health and the motivation to fuel his body with the best cancer fighting foods, here are three other reasons why I make meal planning an intentional discipline each week:

I save time

By meal planning on Monday I can go to the grocery store with a detailed list that allows me to grocery shop quickly and more efficient. I also spend less time in the kitchen because I am not having to clean up from cooking every day or trying to decide on what we should eat last minute.

I save money

By planning our meals at the beginning of the week I can save at the grocery store as well as avoid having to stop for take out because of an empty fridge. I also save money by not buying groceries we don’t eat because every meal is planned.

I loose weight

Implementing meal planning has allowed me to consistently have healthy food available and help me reach my weight loss goals. It is also extremely effective in building our immune systems which keeps me and my family healthy.

Will you share with me why meal planning is important to you? If you haven’t started meal planning yet let me know your questions! 

Thoughtfully, Chelsey