Two Things You Need to Know About Me

My husband Clayton was incredibly charming and handsome. He could have married any of the dozens of beautiful women interested in him.

He told me he married me for two reasons.

The first time he knew he was certain he wanted to get married was when I can home from a charity event for orphans and cried to him because I wanted to adopt all the babies.

He said he knew I had such a big heart.

The second was that I was a good listener. He really loved that about me. I just enjoyed listening to him and his stories.

I miss them already and my heart breaks knowing I won’t experience those with him anymore.

I share this because I want you to know those two things about me from the person who knew me best.

I have a huge heart and I am a good listener.

I want to bring these gifts to you as your coach. I think they are probably two of the most important skills necessary to be a great coach and I know God has equipped me for this.

I want to end this year with love, celebration and growth and invite you to join me.

My heart wants to remind you that you are worthy of celebration and I can’t wait to listen to all of your dreams so we can put them into action!

This holiday I am joining you in a five week coaching experience.

We start after Thanksgiving and kick off the new year together.

I’m ready to listen. Are you ready to Celebrate and Grow?

Message me and let’s get started my friend.

Thoughtfully, Chelsey Arnal