Kindness Changes Everything

To the mama that needs to hear this (mainly me), keep going. I’d like to add be kind because kindness can change everything. I’ve had a tough few days. The demands of solo parenting caught up with me and I’ve felt overwhelmed and exhausted. I never let myself stay there long but today I just sat with the heaviness and tried to lay it at the feet of Jesus. I went to pick up fast food for dinner and my kids were shouting out things they wanted as I was trying to order. The lady at the window could barely hear me. I arrived at the window frustrated and overstimulated. But when we pulled up, she kindly smiled at me and my kids. She asked them what they were shouting and my youngest says “I want a sprite!” I rarely get the kids soda but that doesn’t stop them from asking! I hadn’t ordered them soda so she asked me if it was ok and I said yes. She gave both boys their drink of choice and as she handed them to me I burst into tears. I was so grateful for her act of kindness. She said honey, I am a mom and a grandmother, I see you. To the beautiful sister in the drive through, thank you. Thank you for seeing me. Thank you for your kindness. Thank you for changing the trajectory of my day. If someone hasn’t told you, you’re doing a great job and I am cheering for you mama.