Keep Following Your Dreams

Six months ago I took a leap of faith that I felt God had been leading me towards for a long time.

It was the absolute worst time to invest in myself.

My husband Clayton’s health was declining and time was limited as we bounced between hospitals but I knew it was the right decision.

For months I have been studying and practicing to gain my growth coach certification. It has been life changing and words truly can’t express the joy and clarity it has given me, especially during this difficult time.

A few weeks ago my class graduated and we decided to meet in person for a weekend mastermind.

I had so much fun planning this retreat for us but when Clayton died last week I had to question if I should go.

The people in this photo have loved on me and supported my dreams for months and I knew I had to hug them in person.

I couldn’t be without my boys so we all packed up and headed to Denver for the weekend.

Thankfully this group graciously embraced my family and we had a incredible time. I’m excited to start sharing more of the journey I have been on and some fun ways we can work together soon!

A huge thank you to each of these talented and gifted coaches!

And friends, keep following your dreams. Our time here is incredibly short.

I’m cheering you on.

Thoughtfully, Chelsey Arnal