Happy Veterans Day 2021

When my husband Clayton was in BUDS training they split into teams for a training activity.

His team won so the trainer told Clayton’s team they could have 15 minutes to do anything they wanted.

Sleep (they were all exhausted), eat, get warm (they were always in the water and freezing) or whatever they wanted for those few minutes to celebrate.

They asked Clayton what he wanted to do and he said “I want to dance.”

His team laughingly agreed so they pulled up two hummers and cranked up the radios and danced!!

Can you imagine seeing all of those Navy seals soaking wet dancing on the beach!

What joy!

My husband Clayton was such a gift to this world.

His smile and dance moves are missed.

You know I love to celebrate so the boys and I will be dancing in honor of our favorite veteran and to celebrate #veteransday!

What song will you dance to today? 🇺🇸