Costa Rica Wedding

Last week I was traveling for a wedding in Costa Rica and all of my energy has been wrapped up in trying to stay focused for my beautiful couple. They were one of my pandemic couples and after two years finally got to celebrate! I never put my feet in the sand, I didn’t get to enjoy this incredible pool but my couple had an amazing week and for that I am grateful. Experiencing grief through the final details of planning, leaving my kids for the first time since Clayton’s death and completing a magical wedding week has been anything but easy but one thing this week reminded me is that there is pure joy in the moments that matter. Celebration can be a part of healing if you allow it. How could you let celebration transform you this week? I am missing these views, the warm sunshine, and pura vida vibes but happy to be home. I’m getting ready for a quick getaway with my boys to wrap up the month, prepping for my self love coaching experience in February (are you joining?) and dreaming about the writers retreat next month in Broken Bow with @everydaylegacies! We only have two spots left and it’s going to be incredible. Do me a favor and celebrate something today. Anything - big or small. Let that celebration guide your week! ✨