The Celebrate Retreat: Seaside Retreat 2020

January 2020 feels like a decade ago. Doesn't it? 

I can't believe it's actually only been one year since my last retreat in Seaside, Florida.

We had 16 incredible women join me for a life changing weekend.  It was magical and I know I can't wait to go back. 

We started the retreat with ladies arriving on Wednesday afternoon. After settling into their rooms, we kicked off the weekend with welcome cocktails and enjoyed getting to know each other.

As the ladies prepared for bed, they were visited by the 'bedtime butler' with turn down service and thoughtful treats to ensure a restful evening. The next morning we enjoyed an amazing fresh breakfast prepared by Lane Tunstall, owner of Board + Brie, that included an over the top bagel board with all the toppings. 

The ladies had the afternoon free to explore the charming town of Seaside on their own. Many of them indulged in self care with a massage, some of the ladies cozied up with a book on the beach while others shopped at the cute shops in town square. 


We met at the Shrimp Shack for lunch and enjoyed their famous lobster rolls served with warm butter, fresh greek salads, steamed corn on the cobb and enjoyed conversation amongst the waves while sipping old fashion sodas from the bottle. After lunch we headed back to the house for the first Celebration Session.

We gathered as a group in the large living area and shared celebrations and trials in a supportive and safe space. I offered tools the women could take home with them to engage in a celebration mindset, how to celebrate their small daily wins and how to celebrate each other as sisters. We ended the session with hugs, a few tears and a new celebration squad of women cheering each other on. 

We enjoyed lots of laughs and a delicious meal at dinner then ended the day with a 'release and receive' activity. The rain kept us from enjoying the bonfire but we were all ready for more rest so we headed to our rooms anxiously awaiting the gifts from our 'bedtime butler'. 

After a slow, leisurely morning, we started the day with our second Celebration Session. I introduced new tools the women could use to improve their daily lives and productivity and then we dove into discovering and understanding our value as women. 

One of the reasons that I think we don't celebrate our wins is because we often don't feel worthy. And when we don't feel worthy, we don't protect our calendars. And in the big picture, our calendars define our lives and what matters most. When you embrace who you are, when you understand and value your worth, and when you start celebrating your wins, things will begin to shift in your life.

After walking through an exercise to discover and define our worth, we had a powerful group discussion. When women gather and share their value, it's pure magic. This is one of my favorite parts of the entire weekend. 


We closed the Celebration Session and headed for a picnic lunch in the center of Seaside. After lunch the ladies enjoyed free time to explore or indulged in an afternoon nap.

We met at sunset to capture the beauty of the women and celebrate the weekend. Our talented photographer, Britney Tarno, allowed space for each woman to feel confident and beautiful. There was so much joy on the beach as we danced and smiled at sunset.

Life long friends, mothers and daughters, and new friends gathered together as we celebrated each other. 

After our photo session, we gathered for dinner together and savored the good food and great company. We ended the evening with a s'mores charcuterie board, relaxed by the fire pit and then crawled into bed with happy bellies and full hearts. 

The next morning we woke up to colorful donuts and a savory breakfast by Board and Brie. Being spoiled every morning with fresh ingredients and beautifully displayed meals was a highlight of the weekend. 

After breakfast, we started the morning with a Celebration Session and dove into our calendars. I love to help women operate from a place of rest instead of a place of chaos when it comes to their calendars. We took a look at each woman's year at a glance and then also got really clear on what they wanted from their ideal day. How you spend your time is how you spend your life so I teach you the tools to create the life you truly desire. 

"Time is what we want most and use the worst." - William Penn  

The last section of our Celebration Session is all about crushing mom guilt and setting mama bear boundaries with our time and energy. I help you identify your heart's priorities and teach you how to be fierce in protecting the things that matter most to you. 

Saturday afternoons are for strolling the Farmer's Market and tasting way too many samples. Lunch was filled with warm Florida sunshine and the sounds of a local guitarist as we ate gourmet grilled cheese and crepes from the food trucks nearby. We ended the evening with another incredible dinner, celebrated the weekend with a pajama party and reluctantly said sweet dreams to the last night with our 'bedtime butler.' 

Sunday morning we gathered together one more time for our final Celebration Session. It was bitter sweet as we said our goodbyes and reviewed the tools we had gathered over the weekend. 

To the women who joined me in Seaside, thank you so much for showing up for you. Thank you for your honesty, your bravery and for fighting for the best version of yourself.  Remember you are fierce. I hope you left with with new dreams, new inspiration and new community. I hope you still have the fire in your belly and freedom in your heart. I hope you celebrate every single day and remember that you are worthy.  

If you are ready for change, if you are ready for the tools to help you make a shift in your life, if you are ready to celebrate and be celebrated, I invite you to join our celebration squad. We are an army of warriors and we would be proud to call you our sister. Sign up for the next retreat and I will teach you how to crush mom guilt, conquer overwhelm and cultivate celebration. You in?