After Movie - Love Yourself

Any #aftermovie fans? I really enjoyed the book series and I won’t ever turn down watching a good love story, especially when one of the characters is British! That British accent gets me every time! In the first movie the leading lady,Tessa, asks bad boy Hardin - who do you love most in the world? He confidently said - Myself. Tessa’s response was - of course you do. I think most of us would cringe just as she did to that response BUT what if we did confidently love ourselves the most? How different could our relationships be if that was actually the case? What else might be possible if we had so much love for ourselves? In February I am inviting you to join me on a self love discovery. Four weeks of putting YOU first, 28 days of loving yourself like you never have before! What does loving you the MOST even look like? We are going to explore why you don’t love yourself like you love others, discover how to shift your negative thoughts to kindness and how to take easy action steps toward increasing your self love. Invest four weeks of celebrating yourself and choosing to love yourself in a new way that will lead you into this new year. Send me a message to get on the waiting list. I can’t wait to love on you and show you how to love yourself even more in 2022. 💕💕💕